See Ya 2020


So a couple of weeks ago, new years eve actually, I said I wasn’t ready to look back on the year, but in time I would.  We’re now deep in January and I have to be honest, not much has changed, I can’t look back.  
I’ve just come into the studio after a week off with my two boys (hubby had to head back to work) and I tell you, it was BLOODY good for the soul!  I walked, I read, I sat, I swam, I slept, I got to be ‘fun Mum’ with my boys and it felt BLOODY amazing!  

And what I realised was, I don’t want to look back – 2020 was just too much – I’m only interested in looking forward.  And while I’m not a resolution kinda gal, there are some massive changes coming in 2021.


This year, my health (mental and physical), will be the top of every bloody ‘weekly to do list’.  I think, I’m a good friend, but I tell you, I’ve been an absolute shit friend to myself last year.  Horrid!  That stops now.  I’m going to bloody love myself the way I love those bloody beautiful, bat shit crazy, ride or die, non judgemental women I’m blessed to call my friends (actually I call them lots of different names, but you get the drift)! 



Big things are also coming too for SS!  I CAN NOT WAIT!  2020 taught me how much I LOVE what I do – I had to almost lose it to see it!  There’s so much more I want to bring you guys – seriously I CAN NOT WAIT!  And to the ones that lurk in the shadows throwing stones, there’ll be no more sitting quietly in my lane. If you want to steal content and concepts, talk trash and be just all round unpleasant, go for it. But you better bloody know I’ll be calling you out on it!  
I also think ‘bloody’ might be my word of 2021 😊 #justahunch



And finally, this man here, James (otherwise known as the hubby, Mr Shabby, old mate); well, 2020 nearly bloody broke us.  I want to say it was one specific thing - but it wasn’t.  It was everyday life.  Covid, changes to his job, me running a business in a pandemic, raising two boys (jeez I thought boys were meant to raise themselves), who didn’t do the washing, who got more sleep, ships in the night, miscommunication, no communication - you know, just everyday bloody life! We (and by we, I think I mean me) completely lost sight of who we were together.  We were (most days) nailing the parenting gig, but floundering everywhere else.  I don't ever want to be there again. 

2020 left the two of us battered and a little bruised; but he stood by my side, holding my hand saying ‘we’ll be ok’.  So now it’s my turn to hold your hand Mr Shabby – it nearly broke us, but we made it through and I genuinely feel we’re coming back stronger.

2021, I’m bloody coming for you!

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  • Michelle : March 07, 2021

    Thank you for sharing that. You just nailed it. Covid put so much pressure on couples. Whilst the kids are fine and well looked after, I think a lot of us were tested severely.

  • Kristy: March 07, 2021

    I hope you know that through the “bye” year of 2020 your weekly previews and posts bought light and laughter to a dark place here in Melbourne. You inspired me to keep my mental and physical health front of mind because simply I wanted to be able to share in the external joy of pretty things. Sounds a bit shallow I know, but honestly, finding things to smile about and look forward to were few and far between. So from this super happy sister I can’t wait for your “bloody” big 2021, and anyone who gets in the way better watch out, because the Shabby Sister tribe is strong and won’t be knocked around!

  • Linda Dyke: March 07, 2021

    Fantastic blog, so many of us did it hard, I am a nurse so there was no chance of losing my job, but not being able to see our family, our children and grandchild was just horrible…. I have never cried so much as I did in 2020…. but like you I’m moving on and loving life in 2021…… xx

  • Janine: March 07, 2021

    So proud of you Ky . Love you all .

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