Anything but basic

So if you have been following us over on our Instagram stories, you would have seen we recently shot our #notosbasics campaign with some INCREDIBLE Brissy babes! 

From L - : Kerrie (@thesedarlingdays), Joey (@f_ollowmetowonderland), Tahana (@tahanalee), Kirsty (@kirstymckenzie_), Ellen (@ellenrobbins).


Kirsty from @kirstymckenzie_

How can we describe the day? Well, you know when you take a heap of photos and have to delete all of them because someone is blinking or not looking at the camera?  Well, we had to edit ours based on laughter!  Yep that's right, laughter!  The amount of photos like the this one above, was next level out of control!  Way too much fun was had!   


Kirsty and Tahana between takes

 The gorgeous Kirsty and Tahana on set.


Meagan seeing to the finishing touches for Kerrie

Meagan (@meaganellisstyling) prepping Kerrie for her shoot.


Keeping us fuelled and full of sugar for the day

The breakfast of champions. 


Talking strategy.  Just kidding, we were talking about Kim K!

Talking strategies!  Just kidding, we were talking all things hair with the fabulous Ellen.


The aftermath!

The aftermath!


And this shot - well this is what it was all about!  Celebrating babes being anything but basic.

Kylie xx

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