Anatomy of a Dress

Part of me wants you to not have any idea what I’m talking about. 

But the other part of me knows that you will be able to stand in front of this mirror with me and all of my emotions. 

It's a Saturday afternoon, you're going out to dinner (BBQ, drinks with friends, date - you get the idea) and NOTHING fits you. 

 That's not entirely true; you can fit into a lot of things, but you feel terrible in ALL of them. They make your arms look big, your tummy sticks out, you can see your knees, which you hate for some reason, you look washed out and tired, you don't want to wear heels but don't know how else to feel 'dressed up,' you don't have time for this, you're supposed to leave in 20 minutes. Did we leave anything out? 

Oh, this one – then partner walks by and asks innocently if you're almost ready? They will not make that mistake again, Jesus 

 And you finally settle on something that only makes you feel worse, but you have to get out the door, promising yourself and the poor Uber driver that you'll detox your diet and wardrobe beginning first thing tomorrow morning! 

Man, I feel like I’ve just relived my Saturday night! 

But, unfortunately, I've spent far too many nights like this in the last 20 years. And all I wanted was a dress to throw on, and know it would work! That it would make me feel great. That's all. I just wanted to be feel great 

And that’s how the Seminyak Dress came to life.  It had to be flattering, it had to be 

She arrived in November of 2021, and I can't tell you how many times I've worn this stunning dress. Dressed up for dinners out, down for lunch with girlfriends, and dressed casual for school functions. She's a wardrobe repeat offender because she just checks all the boxes. And I'm sure she'll be a dress I wear again next year. 

This dress has so many great features, but do you know what the best part is? I can put it on without hating myself or my partner, and I'm ready for that glass of wine while feeling fabulous! 

So here’s to all the dresses that make us feel comfortable in our own skin  

I can’t wait to share with you our other designs. 


Kylie x

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